What is the Best Scooter for Kids

Scooters have really grown from a marginal phenomenon to a wide spread pastime for kids. Growing up my friends and I were riding skateboards, BMX, roller blades…. Nowadays practically every kid has a kick scooter! They ride their scooters everywhere because they are portable, lightweight and fast.

You will find a list below of what I think are the best scooters for kids available today.

Please note that I have focused this list on kick scooters only, electric scooters have been reviewed separately in another article.

What to look for in a Kid Scooter

There’s a model of kick scooter for just about any budget in today’s market. But you don’t have to pay top dollars to have a good quality scooter. The Razor A2 for example is a quality scooter and it can be purchased for less than 50$ US. Other entry level models like the Razor A cost even less and are also build out of aircraft-grade aluminum and are equipped with ABEC 5 bearings.

What will the scooter be used for?

Models like the Fuzion Pro X-5 are more designed for jumps and tricks. It’s heavier and more resistant than scooters with folding mechanism. Depending if your kid is really getting into jumps and tricks, you might need to get a more sturdy scooter like the Fuzion Pro X-3 from the list below. If the scooter is more for cruising around with occasional rides into the skate park, folding scooters like the Razor A series can handle a fair amount of action. The folding mechanism makes is a lot easier to carry the scooter around and to store it.

Girl Scooters

Many of the models below are available in many different colors that will suit both boys and girls.

Companies like Razor have girls specific models offered in their lineup like the Sweet Pea A Kick Scooter shown here.  It is basically a Razor A scooter with a little girly touch for your little princess.

Young girls really like the graphics of the Disney Frozen Scooter, that is also available on Amazon.

The Disney Frozen Scooter is a top seller in the girls scooters category, mainly because it’s “Frozen”, but also because it’s a good quality scooter.

Best Scooter for Kids – Our recommendations

Razor A Kick Scooter

This is the original kick scooter. It’s made by the Razor company. They have been making scooters for decades now and their products are the best of the industry.

With it’s adjustable handlebar, this scooter is appropriate for kids from 4-5 years old up to the maximum rider’s weight of 143 pounds.

  • adjustable handlebars
  • very durable
  • fold-away deck
  • rear fender brake
  • low center of gravity
  • many colors to choose from
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • total weight, just 6 pounds
  • urethane wheels

This is a great entry level scooter for daily riding that will last for years and years.


Razor A2 Kick Scooter

The sturdy aluminum construction and the 98mm urethane wheels to absorb bumps and small debris make this one of the best kids scooters. It’s a smooth cruiser that will get you anywhere in no time.

  • adjustable handlebars
  • very durable
  • fold-away deck
  • rear fender brake
  • total weight: 6 pounds
  • 98 mm urethane wheels

The Razor A2 is one of the most appraised scooter on Amazon. At time of writing it had received 741 customer reviews averaging a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Here’s a quote from a Razor A2 buyer:

Scooter is sturdy, well made and looks great! It glides smoothly and handles nicely. Low to the ground with nice handle bars and grips.


Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

If you are looking for a more skate park or tricks oriented scooter for your kid, we recommend you check out the Rasor Pro series or the Fuzion Pro series.

The Fuzion X-3 Pro is an “trickster” entry level scooter. Made out of heavy duty heat treated aluminum, this sturdy scooter is able to withstand street and skate park riding. With it’s 100mm wheels paired with ABEC9 bearings this is a smooth ride that glides in the park between tricks.

  • 100mm ABS wheels
  • ABEC9 bearings
  • 6 colors to choose from
  • max weight 140 pound
  • triple bold clamp

The Fuzion X-3 is an excellent choice for the beginner rider starting to learn new tricks.

The only down point for the Fuzion X-3 is the maximum rider’s weight. If you need a scooter for a kid heavier than 140 pounds, checkout the Razor Pro XXX or the Fuzion Z300, Z350 or Z375.


And for younger kids?

Mini Micro ScooterFor younger kids, aged between 3 and 5, a three wheel scooter might be a better choice. We liked the design and functionality of the Mini Micro Scooter.

  • Swiss designed, the “Mini Kick” is one of the best 3-wheel scooter available today
  • High quality polyurethane wheels
  • “low mount” design, keeping you little one closer to the ground
  • Easy to ride, even for the youngest
  • Large board, allowing a stable riding for kids, with both feet on the board

There are many other quality 3-wheel scooters for kids available on the market. Depending on your budget and you child’s favorite color, you probably can find an interesting model here.

We just really liked the Mini Micro Scooter for it’s build quality and we are not alone. It has 1,397 customer reviews on Amazon at time of writing with an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. People commented that kids knew how to ride this scooter almost intuitively and after just a few hours their ability increased rapidly.

Here’s some quotes from actual customer reviews from amazon.

The two wheels in front make for great stability and maneuvering.

It doesn’t tip over unless a kid literally falls somehow, and it takes little to no balance to ride them once the initial few moments of getting on the thing is over. Otherwise, it balances itself great.

Three wheel scooters are really the best kick scooter for kids with “not so good balance” or for younger kids. They are easier to ride and less intimidating at first. The Mini Micro Scooter is also more polyvalent than other 3-wheel scooters like the Razor Jr, has it can handle faster speed and weight as your kids grow up.


When shopping around for a kids scooter, keep in mind the age of the kid, his/her weight and ability level. Three wheel scooters are great for younger kids but eventually, you kids will want to ride something faster and on which they can perform tricks.

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