Penny Board vs Banana Board

In this head to head comparison, I’ll compare the 22″ Penny board with the Gold Cup Banana board. Both are great small cruiser boards that customers really appreciate. If you are looking for a small cruiser type skateboard, these are two great contender.

The Banana Boardbanana board blue

The first thing I need to tell you is that the Banana board is not just another clone of the 22″ Penny. It’s a quality board made with good quality components that can really compete against the Penny.

The Banana board is slightly longer than the Penny at respectively 23″ and 22″ long. The design of the boards are pretty similar. Both are made of reinforced durable plastic.

The Banana board features a really efficient traction-top surface covered with 3D grip-circles. This grip helps keeping your feet on the board better than the grip pattern found on the Penny.

The Banana Board is equipped with SkateCity aluminium trucks and Stok’em Wheels. Only one color is available for the trucks and the Stok’em Wheels are available in 2 colors.

Three decks color are available: blue, black and red. This cruiser has the same retro look as the Penny and generally speaking an equivalent built quality.

The flexibility of both skateboards is pretty similar and both will absorb small bumps, making your ride smoother.

Pros for the Banana Board

  • the grip is better on the Banana board
  • front kick

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The 22″ Penny Board

It’s the classic 22″ skateboard! Can’t go wrong with this one.

The Penny board is also made of durable plastic that gives you just the right amount of flex to handle small bumps and to make it easy to steer. Despite it’s small size, the Penny is very stable due to it’s flexibility and wide trucks.

The Penny is a very comfortable cruiser, great for carving and cruising around.

All the hardware on this skateboard: the trucks, the wheels and the deck are made by the Penny company.


You can read our review of the Rasta Penny Board for more details on the Penny 22″ features.

Pros for the Penny

  • A larger selection of graphics and colors
  • Better bearings
  • Better bushings on the trucks

In closing: Banana Board vs Penny Board

The banana board is really one of the strongest competitor to the Penny. So my favorite? Well this is a close to call, I suggest you get to amazon and read the latest reviews on both and compare the price. At the time of writing, it seems like the Penny had the edge on the customer reviews, but both products are great cruisers. I think the Penny Boards rides a little smoother than the Banana Board.

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