Top 5 Small Cruiser Skateboards

Old School is CoolShortboards are great to commute on campus because they are easy to manuever on crowded path and sidewalks. They offer a smooth ride and because they are so small compared to longboards they are way more polyvalent. Most Mini longboards have a kick tail that make it easier to turn quickly.

22″ Penny Board

With it’s throw back design referencing skate boarding’s beginnings in the 1970’s, the 22″ Penny board has this retro look that everybody likes these days.

But don’t mistake this skateboard for one of these slow and hard to ride skateboards that you might come across in a yard sale. These Penny Boards are fast and offer a smooth riding experience.

This is more than a toy!

I’ve seen over 200 pounds riders kick it on these amazing boards with absolutely no problem. The plastic it’s made of is super strong and won’t break!

Rolls fast and for long strides, plus you can take it anywhere. 22″ skateboards easily fit in school bags and lockers.

You won’t believe how smooth this thing is!


Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

If you are looking a cheap alternative to the Penny Board 22″, this complete 22″ skateboard is for you.

  • Penny style 22″ design
  • 3″ wide aluminium trucks
  • Abec7 bearings
  • 59mm 78A urethane wheels

Great cruiser for the price!

Riders on a tight budget will just love this board. It is fast and easy to ride. The plastic it’s made of is excellent quality and it will last for a very, very long time.

Great for cruising around town or for commuting.

Checkout the best deal available on this board by clicking the link below.


Nickel Penny Board

  • 27″ long plastic board
  • 59mm 78A urethane Penny wheels
  • Abec 7 bearings

If you are looking for a durable, fun and portable small cruiser board the Nickel Penny is for you. This precise and sharp board is the perfect way to get around town.

This is the Nickel Penny, from the real deal Penny company. This brand has been making quality plastic skateboards for over 12 years now.

The Nickel is very similar to it’s smaller brother the Penny. If you thought that your big feet would not fit on a 22″ Penny Board, the Penny Nickel is the best alternative!

When comparing the Penny Board with the Nickel Penny Board, it comes down to this:

the penny carves a lot faster but the nickel keeps it’s speed longer

Bottom line Penny are just so cool these days, seems like everybody has one, get yours today by clicking the link below.


Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board (27-Inch)

– 70mm PU wheels
– 6″ rugged aluminium trucks
– fish tail with slight kick
– fit’s in your school locker
– durable

This 27 inch cruiser board is made of 7 ply maple. It’s great for getting around town, riding on campus or for your daily public transit.

This deck is pretty large giving it more stability and it still fits conveniently in a locker or a backpack.


Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark

This unique looking board made of wood will get you noticed by it’s amazing look. It’s a great cruiser board with just the right size to let you ride at decent speed while feeling in control and secure.

If you want more space than on a Penny, this is a great alternative while keeping the size relatively small. It can be qualified as a small longboard that is easy to carry around.


What makes a great cruiser board?

Good design: because of their smaller size and the addition of a kicktail, small cruiser boards like the Penny Board or the Penny Nickel make it easy to navigate sidewalks and crowds.

Quality bearings: strong, durable and silent bearings make your board run smoother and with less friction.

Wheels: Your skateboard should be equiped with 55mm to 67mm, soft, comfortable wheels that will roll smoothly over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk.


Cruiser boards come in a lot of different designs and the design by itself, will greatly influence your ride. Depending of your riding style and how portable you want your board to be, you will have to choose between: Drop-Through Longboards, Traditional Longboards, Cruiser boards and small cruisers.

Drop-Through Longboards


Traditional Cruiser Boards

Small Cruiser

Small cruiser boards are portable and fun to ride.

Plus you can carry them around and store them pretty much anywhere. The latest models of small cruiser boards or shortboard skateboards are equipped with the same quality bushings and wheels as traditional longboards do. This makes these small cruisers like the Penny 27″ and the Penny 22″ feel and turn as smooth as traditional longboards.

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