Penny board review : in depth parts and design review

Small, portable and cool looking, who doesn’t like Penny skateboards? This small size skateboard is easy to carry and get around with. If you are still new to this mini skateboard here’s an overview of the Penny board.

Penny Complete Skateboard

penny-customiser-screenshotJust like any skateboard or longboard, you can buy complete Penny skateboards or you can build them yourself. Note that if your choose the “build it yourself” option, finding genuine parts can sometimes be difficult and expensive. Honestly, I think searching for parts and assembling the board yourself is not going to save you much money.

If you want a customized Penny Board there’s another option available to you, check out the 3d Penny Customizer here. Using this free app from your phone or computer you can completely customize your Penny. You will select the board, trucks and wheels from Penny’s large catalog. You then have the option to share the design on social media to get your friends approval on the design :) or order the Penny skateboard of your dream right away.

This tool works for Penny and Nickel boards.

Don’t know what’s the difference between a Penny and a Nickel, click here.

Where to Buy Penny Boards

If you used the Penny Customizer app, you’ll be purchasing your Penny directly from the manufacturer. If you want to get a complete Penny, already build for you, you can also get it from the Penny website. However, I would recommend that you check Amazon’s selection of Penny boards before you buy, because sometimes, the prices found on Amazon can be more interesting than the manufacturer’s website. Click here to check for Pennys on Amazon.

Why Amazon? Simple: fast shipping and good prices! It’s just that simple, go ahead shop around, but the inventory and shipping cost of Amazon will probably beat all other distributors.

Replacement parts : penny boards trucks and wheels

If you use your skateboard everyday, chances are you will eventually have to replace some parts. Even the highest quality products like the Penny skateboards sometimes need replacement parts.

Penny 59mm wheels

Penny wheels are 59mm in diameter, providing a smooth and fast riding experience. This wheel diameter allows you to roll overs small cracks and bumps more easily, while keeping the board responsive and comfortable. Both the Nickel and the Penny are equipped with 59mm urethane wheels.

The hardness of the wheels is measured using a hardness scale from 65A to 100A called durometer. The higher the rating, the harder the wheels.

Generally speaking, a vert specific skateboard would be equipped with harder wheels since the vert surface is really smooth. Vert skateboard are often built with durometer 97A wheels.

For cruiser / longboards, we generally recommend smoother wheels since the pavement you will be riding on will be a lot more bumpy.

Penny skateboards are originally equipped with durometer 83A wheels, but replacement wheels of durometer of 75A will provide just about the same ride smoothness.


How to replace a Penny wheels & bearings?

Penny 3″ trucks

Choosing a mini skateboard is all about portability. To deliver such a lightweight skateboard, Penny uses 3″ powder coated aluminum trucks on the 22″ and 27″ model. These trucks are strong and durable. So durable in fact, that most people who decide to swap their trucks do it for aesthetic reasons.

And who could blame them, checkout the Penny trucks colors available here.


Still wondering where to buy a Penny board? This link will get you to our affiliate website where you can buy all your gear and at the same time help out our site.

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