What size Penny board should I get?

For starter, you should know the difference between the Penny VS Nickel board. Both products are made out of special plastic by the Penny company. Most of the Penny graphics and colors are available in both Penny and Nickel version.

The Penny is the smallest version 22” long and 6” wide.

The Nickel is bigger at 27” long and 7.5” wide

penny vs nickel

Will my shoes fit?

riding penny 22 inchPeople wonder if their feet will fit on the Penny board? The answer is, unless you are 6 years old, they probably won’t fit! But that’s perfectly normal. Part of your feet will hang off the board while you are riding if you stand sideways. While kicking, put you front foot facing forward on the front of the board. Once you have gained enough speed, place your second foot on the board and turn both feet sideways, into your riding position.

Penny Board VS Nickel Board for beginner

Smaller and younger riders will feel rapidly at ease on the 22” original Penny. If you have bigger feet and have just started skateboarding, the Nickel offers more stability.

Penny Board VS Nickel Board for advanced skaters

Experienced skaters often pick-up a Penny board for its portability. You might be a super trickster on your 33” standard skateboard, but these boards are a pain to carry around on your daily commute. The Penny is fast, responsive and easy to store anywhere.

Penny 22” Board pros

  • Fits in a backpack and in a school locker
  • Great for short distance rides, especially when you need to keep the board with you once at destination
  • Sharper turns

Nickel 27” Board pros

  • If you just want to skate, the nickel is probably more comfortable and easier to ride
  • The nickel can handle faster speed, if you want to do some downhill, the nickel is a better choice.


Are you still wondering, what size Penny board should I get?

Unless your shoe size is 13 and above, you can ride the Penny. If you want a fast ride that can get you around town and that can be easily stored away, the original Penny size is a great choice.

If you think that just 22” of board is going to feel to small under your feet, if you want to learn new tricks on a bigger board, then the Penny Nickel 27” if the right choice.

Remember that no matter the size you choose, these Penny Boards are made from the highest quality materials and that they will give a smooth, precise cruiser.

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